Presentation Price of The State Project

EPRC Presented Price of The State Project at Ilia state University.

  Approximately 30 representatives of local government, CSOs, and media gathered at the Gori Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) on December 29th, 2014...
  On December 10th, Civic Engagement Centers in Rustavi and Marneuli hosted a presentation of the new project implemented by the East West Management...
Anti-Crisis Stimulus Package for Economic Recovery  Assessment of the Government’s Financial Activity for 2013 and the First Quarter of 2014  The...
On December 16th, a public lecture - Price of the State - was held at Tbilisi State University
Today, on December 12th, EPRC is presenting a new Policy Brief Analysis and Recommendations on 2014 year Draft Budget of...
EPRC presented the innovative project Price of the State for MPP students at Ilia State University.
November 14, EPRC Presented New Innovative Project "Price of The State" to MBA Students at Free University.
EPRC Presented Price of The State Project at Ilia state University.
On September 26th, EPRC held a presentation of its Price of the State project.    The web-site The Price of the State is an...