How much public sector spends?

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Expenditures of Spending Agencies

in Mil GEL Per capita Per Employed Annual change  
Total 7 459,3 1 669 11 803 n.a.
+Parliament of Georgia and its organizations 34,0 8 54 n.a.
Parliament of Georgia 27,6 6 44 n.a.
National Library 5,4 1 8 n.a.
President Administration 14,1 3 22 n.a.
National Security Apparatus of Georgia 19,3 4 31 n.a.
State Chancellery Office 10,2 2 16 n.a.
+Georgian Chamber of Control 12,3 3 19 n.a.
Donor funded projects 0,8 0 1 n.a.
+Central Election Committee 14,6 3 23 n.a.
Apparatus of the Committee 5,8 1 9 n.a.
Financing election activities 0,7 0 1 n.a.
Financing political parties 4,7 1 7 n.a.
LEPL Development of election systems, reforms and educational center 2,7 1 4 n.a.
Donor funded projects 0,7 0 1 n.a.
Constitutional Court 2,6 1 4 n.a.
+Supreme Court 5,7 1 9 n.a.
Donor funded projects 0,4 0 1 n.a.
General Courts 31,6 7 50 n.a.
Supreme Council of Justice 1,1 0 2 n.a.
+State Ministry on Issues of European and EuroAtlantic Integration of Georgia 3,3 1 5 n.a.
#d Main functions of the office are implementation of coordination and monitoring of activities of the executive branch of the Government of Georgia on European and Euro-Atlantic integration  
+State Ministry on Diaspora Issues of Georgia 2,3 1 4 n.a.
#d Main goal of the Ministry is to deepen relations with compatriots residing abroad  
+State Ministry on Reintegration Issues of Georgia 1,6 0 2 n.a.
#d Major function of the Office is elaborating and suggesting initiative proposals and formats for peacekeeping in the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia and the former South Ossetia Autonomous Region, managing the peace-keeping process and participating in it  
+Ministry of Finance of Georgia 223,9 50 354 n.a.
Revenue Service 53,1 12 84 n.a.
Investigation Service 13,7 3 22 n.a.
Donor funded projects 96,6 22 153 n.a.
#d The Ministry undertakes public management on finance, taxation and budgetary issues; ensures protection and enforcement of budget and taxation legislation on the territory of Georgia; undertakes prevention and operative detection/investigation of economic crimes  
+Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia 173,8 39 275 n.a.
Ministry Apparatus 31,1 7 49 n.a.
LEPL National Investment Agency 7,7 2 12 n.a.
LEPL Agency for Enterprise Management 54,6 12 86 n.a.
LEPL National Agency of Tourism 10,4 2 16 n.a.
LEPL National Agency of Standardization, Regulation and Metrology 0,3 0 1 n.a.
Protection of public owned property 4,2 1 7 n.a.
LEPL Maritime Transport Agency 1,1 0 2 n.a.
LEPL Civil Aviation Agency 0,7 0 1 n.a.
Development of Gudauri Skiing Infrastructure 17,9 4 28 n.a.
Donor funded projects 24,8 6 39 n.a.
#d The mission of the Ministry is ensuring sustainable and rapid economic growth by working up and implementing an effective economic policy.  
+Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia 834,6 187 1 321 n.a.
Ministry Apparatus 4,7 1 8 n.a.
Road rehabilitation works 580,8 130 919 n.a.
Georgian Municipal Development Fund 215,3 48 341 n.a.
#d The Ministry works on the following issues: regional policy development, ensuring development of water supply systems throughout Georgia, development, planning of international and domestic automobile road network and achieving scientific-technical progress.სახელმწიფოებრივი მნიშვნელობის საავტომობილო გზების ქსელის განვითარების, დაპროექტებისა და სამეცნიერო-ტექნიკური პროგრესის საკითხებში ერთიანი სახელმწიფო პოლიტიკის შემუშავება და განხორციელება.  
+Ministry of Justice of Georgia 130,5 29 206 n.a.
Ministry Apparatus 44,2 10 70 n.a.
Prosecutor\'s Office 16,3 4 26 n.a.
LEPL National Archives 3,9 1 6 n.a.
LEPL National Agency of Public Registry 25,6 6 40 n.a.
LEPL National Agency of Civic Registry 35,3 8 56 n.a.
Houses of Justice N/A N/A N/A n.a.  
#d The Ministry is responsible for policy development, execution of legal proceedings and protection of the public. Other functions of the Ministry include: Protecting State interests at national and internationalcourts and tribunals; Identifying standards of active regulatory acts; Harmonizing legislation with international guidelines; Formation of the State Register; Adjustment of emigration and migration procedures;\nNotary Functions; Public Registry Services; Civil Registry Services; State Archives; Enforcement of court decisions; Arrangement of the state representation at the European Court of Human Rights. 

+Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance of Georgia 111,9 25 177 n.a.
Ministry Apparatus 9,1 2 14 n.a.
Penitentiary Department 96,9 22 153 n.a.
LEPL Legal Assistance Service 2,8 1 4 n.a.
Donor funded projects 293,9 66 465 n.a.
#d The Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance of Georgia is an institution within the Government of Georgia, which ensures execution of sentences and management of penitentiary establishments, as well as provision of free legal aid service. The Ministry discharges its functions by the subordinate entity – The Department of Penitentiary and 3 LEPLs: The National Agency of Execution of Non-Custodial Sentences and Probation; The Legal Aid Service; The Penitentiary and Probation Training Centre.  
+Ministry of Education of Georgia 552,5 124 874 n.a.
Central Apparatus of the Ministry 9,2 2 15 n.a.
Education Resource Centers 4,1 1 7 n.a.
LEPL National Center for Examinations 16,8 4 27 n.a.
LEPL Center for Professional Development of the teachers 18,2 4 29 n.a.
Security of the educational centers (Mandaturi Service) 8,7 2 14 n.a.
Secondary Education 316,1 71 500 n.a.
Program for supporting higher educational/research entities 56,0 13 89 n.a.
Program for scientific research 21,2 5 33 n.a.
Programs of the Ministry 88,0 20 139 n.a.
Infrastructural projects N/A N/A N/A n.a.
Programs financed by donors 3,3 1 5 n.a.
#d The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia aims at establishing modern and innovative educational and scientific environment in close cooperation with civil society. The Ministry advocates freedom of choice, fair competition, equal opportunities, civil integrity, and respect for cultural identity. The Ministry promotes acquisition and development of knowledge and skills necessary for social success and self-realization  
+ Ministry of health, social care and labor of Georgia 1 665,9 373 2 636 n.a.
Central Apparatus of the Ministry 8,2 2 13 n.a.
LEPL Agency of Social Services 19,1 4 30 n.a.
Pensions 987,3 221 1 562 n.a.
Social Assistance 220,3 49 349 n.a.
Healthcare Programs 277,2 62 439 n.a.
Electricity and food vouchers 61,9 14 98 n.a.
Donor funded projects 24,3 5 38 n.a.
#d Activities of the ministry include: to provide medical service and public health to the population; to regulate medical and pharmaceutical activity; to manage state pensions, to provide targeted social assistance to the population; to provide safe environment for living and working; to implement the function of guardianship and care, also the issues related to adoption and protection of the rights and interests of a child  
+Ministry of Defense of Georgia 728,4 163 1 153 n.a.
Civil Office and joint staff of Georgian Armed Forces 697,3 156 1 103 n.a.
LEPLs under the Ministry 30,3 7 48 n.a.
Department for Veteran Affairs 0,8 0 1 n.a.
#d The functions of the Ministry are: Defense of Georgia by means of political, economic, military, social and legal activities, that ensure protection of the State, the population of Georgia, its territory and sovereignty against a possible military invasion  
+Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs 50,3 11 80 n.a.
Apparatus of the Ministry 5,8 1 9 n.a.
Activities related to Sports development 34,3 8 54 n.a.
Social protection of famous sportsmen 2,6 1 4 n.a.
Activities related to sports and youth affairs 6,9 2 11 n.a.
#d Goals of the Ministry are the following: establishment of unified national policy on the issues of sports and youth, as well as coordination of its implementation process; establishment of a unified policy on the issues of physical education and sports development, creation of necessary conditions for protection of sports traditions, organizing children and youth cultural, scientific and other activities  
+Ministry of Agriculture 85,1 19 135 n.a.
Administration of the Ministry 57,8 13 92 n.a.
LEPL National Agency of Foodstuffs 4,0 1 6 n.a.
LEPL Department of Wine and Vinery \"Samtresti\" 10,3 2 16 n.a.
LEPL Laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture 1,2 0 2 n.a.
Agricultural Development Program N/A N/A N/A n.a.
Donor funded projects 11,7 3 18 n.a.
#d Goals of the Ministry are: establishment of national agricultural policy, sustainable development of the field of agriculture. Three LEPLs are working under the Ministry: National Food Agency, National Wine Agency, Laboratory  
+ Ministry of the Interior of Georgia 567,4 127 898 n.a.
Ministry authorities and Boarder Police 546,2 122 864 n.a.
LEPLs under the Ministry 21,2 5 34 n.a.
#d The Ministry represents the system of military institutions, responsibilit of which is to ensure the state security and public order, the protection of human rights and freedom from unlawful infringement  
+Georgian Intelligence Service 5,0 1 8 n.a.
#d Intelligence service is accountable directly to the President of Georgia and undertakes intelligence activities serving national interests in political, economic, scientific-technical, military spheres, as well as conducts counter-intelligence activities abroad  
+Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia 74,6 17 118 n.a.
Ministry Apparatus 14,2 3 22 n.a.
Georgian Missions Abroad 56,8 13 90 n.a.
Relations with international Organizations and expenses associated with membership fees 3,6 1 6 n.a.
#d Foreign policy is the bridge between Georgia and the world. The Ministry builds and maintains a persistent foreign policy and conducts proactive diplomacy guided by three principles, which are predictability, sustainability, and continuity  
+Ministry of environment of Georgia 14,1 3 22 n.a.
Apparatus of the Ministry 3,3 1 5 n.a.
LEPL Agency for protected territories 8,5 2 13 n.a.
LEPL National Agency of Environment 2,0 0 3 n.a.
Donor funded projects 0,3 0 1 n.a.
#d One of the most important goals of the Ministry is to support sustainable development of the country in the field of environment; to organize environmental planning system; to elaborate and implement state policy, target programs, strategy of environmental protection for sustainable development, national environmental action programs and management plans in the field of environmental protection and natural resources; to protect and preserve unique landscapes and ecosystems, rare and endangered species of flora and fauna that are characteristic for the country, biodiversity, atmospheric air, water, land and mineral resources; to implement public administration (regulation, registration, supervision and control) on waste management and chemicals  
+Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia 69,3 16 110 n.a.
Ministry Apparatus 4,0 1 6 n.a.
Supporting activities related to Art 34,1 8 54 n.a.
Art Educational Activities 10,3 2 16 n.a.
Activities related to monument protection 9,2 2 15 n.a.
LEPL National Agency for protection of cultural heritage 9,1 2 14 n.a.
#d The Ministry establishes country\'s policy in the spheres of culture and protection of cultural heritage, as well as coordinates its implementation process  
+Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied territories, accommodation and refugees of Georgia 44,5 10 70 n.a.
Central Apparatus of the Ministry 7,9 2 13 n.a.
IDPs aid living at collective centers 23,9 5 38 n.a.
expenses related to migration issues 11,0 2 17 n.a.
projects financed by donors 0,6 0 1 n.a.
#d The Ministry implements the state policy on refugees, asylum-seekers, internally displaced persons, repatriates, victims of the natural disasters and other migrants in terms of their social and legal protection, accommodation and overall migration control  
+Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources 212,1 47 336 n.a.
Central Apparatus of the Ministry 3,9 1 6 n.a.
LEPL Agency of Natural Resources 8,2 2 13 n.a.
Programs of the Ministry 6,0 1 9 n.a.
Donor funded projects 192,5 43 305 n.a.
#d The main functions of the Ministry are: analyzing and preparing recommendations on the current situation in the spheres of energy and natural resources; setting rules of conduct for exploitation, installation and utilization of energy stations and other technical devices. Establishment of policy for natural resource management and utilization  
Special Service for State Security 55,0 12 87 n.a.
Ombudsmen office 2,2 0 4 n.a.
LEPL Public Broadcaster 46,5 10 74 n.a.
LEPL Agency for State Procurements 1,0 0 2 n.a.
South Ossetian Administration 8,8 2 14 n.a.
Patriarchate of Georgia 22,9 5 36 n.a.
National Bureau of Expertise (L. Samkharauli) 4,8 1 8 n.a.
National Statistics Office 4,0 1 6 n.a.
Civil Service Bureau N/A N/A N/A n.a.
LEPL - Georgian National Investment Agency N/A N/A N/A n.a.
Center for public healtchare research N/A N/A N/A n.a.
+Governors 14,6 3 23 n.a.
Governor\'s Office in Abasha, Zugdidi, Martvili, Mestia, Senaki, Chkhorotsku, Tsalenjikha, Khobi municipalities and the self-governing city of Poti 5,0 1 8 n.a.
Governor\'s Office in Lanchkhuti, Ozurgeti and Chokhatauri Municipalities 0,8 0 1 n.a.
Governor\'s Office in Bagdati, Vani, Zestafoni, Terjola, Samtredia, Sachkhere, Tkibuli, Tskaltubo, Chiatura, Kharagauli, Khoni Municipalities and the self-governing city of Kutaisi 1,2 0 2 n.a.
Governor\'s Office in Akhmeta, Gurjaani, Dedoplistskaro, Telavi, Lagodekhi, Sagarejo, Sighnaghi and Kvareli Municipalities 3,2 1 5 n.a.
Governor\'s Office in Dusheti, Tianeti, Mtskheta and Kazbegi Municipalities 0,8 0 1 n.a.
Governor\'s Office in Ambrolauri, Lentekhi, Oni and Tsageri Municipalities 0,8 0 1 n.a.
Governor\'s Office in Adigeni, Aspindza, Akhaltsikhe, Akhalkalaki, Borjomi and Ninotsminda Municipalities 1,0 0 2 n.a.
Governor\'s Office in Bolnisi, Gardabani, Dmanisi, Tetritskaro, Marneuli, Tsalka Municipalities and the self-governing city of Rustavi 1,0 0 2 n.a.
Governor\'s Office in Gori, Kaspi, Kareli and Khashuri Municipalities 0,8 0 1 n.a.
+State importance expenditures (incl. external debt service, participation in international organizations, autonomous republics) 1 602,6 359 2 536 n.a.
Transfers to the regions and autonomous republics of Georgia 1 167,2 261 1 847 n.a.
Servicing and partially covering foreign debt 292,3 65 462 n.a.
Servicing and partially covering domestic debt 136,1 30 215 n.a.
Other State funded agencies N/A N/A N/A n.a.

Table description:

The government budget is divided into 16 ministries and 3 offices of state ministries